Adult and Community Course Offerings



  • Enroll early as classes are filled on a “first-come, first-accepted” basis.

  • Classes must have a minimum number of students enrolled to run.

  • Payment arrangements must be made as soon as you register.

  • VSAC Nondegree Grants can be applied only to tuition, VSAC Grants can not be applied to testing our licensing fees.

**For all classes under $1,000.00 – LNSU employees receive a 20% discount and High School students from any of GMTCC sending schools are half price. All workshops are held at GMTCC in Hyde Park unless otherwise noted.


***Looking for a class that is not offered at GMTCC? Search for the class at one of the other Career and Technical Centers in Vermont. Visit the website below and see what is being offered at any one of the Regional Centers across the state. Vermont Adult Technical Education Association