Creative Media Art & Design

Program Description

Creative Media Art & Design is where art and technology come together. Over the course of the school year,  students explore a variety of media including graphic design, illustration, photography, animation, and filmmaking.

Creative Media offers career opportunities to aspiring artists, designers, communicators and entrepreneurs. It is about art, design, communication, storytelling and working with people. Qualified graduates can find entry-level positions in variety of businesses ranging from advertising and design companies to work at TV stations, and film production companies. Many graduates continue on with their studies at art schools or in more traditional college programs. Over the year, students work to create a comprehensive portfolio of work  which showcases their talents. Guest professionals and participation in art exhibitions and competitions are integral parts of the program.

Students can earn up to 9 college credits in the program. These credits are free through Vermont’s Dual Enrollment and Fast Forward Programs.


Program Requirements


2 credits in language arts, 2 credits in science, 2 credits in mathematics (Algebra I is required), two credits in social studies, and two elective credits.   A total of 10 credits are needed for admission.

A strong interest in creative pursuits and/or related coursework is very helpful.

High School Credits Earned


1 Credit in English
1 Credit in Art
1 Credit Math
5 Credits in technical education


College Credits Earned

Community College of Vermont

ART-1111 Graphic Design I (3 Credits)
ART-1310 Digital Photography (3 Credits)
Art 1011 Intro to Drawing (3 Credits)
Additional credits may be available depending on student needs.

Portfolio / Professional Certifications

In most art and design jobs, high quality portfolios, college level coursework, and relevant experience are the best ways of securing employment and/or obtaining admission to college art programs. As a result, we will devote significant attention to portfolio development and building students’ relevant experience. Most students will also complete college level coursework. However, students can work towards earning Adobe Certified Associate Credentials in Visual Communication, which certifies students have the skills for entry-level employment in visual communication. More information on this program is available at http://www.adobe.com/education/certification-programs.edu.html

Enrollment Options

Students may enter the program as a junior or senior.

With instructor permission, students may have the opportunity for a second year customized program that includes attending college classes.

Curriculum Map