Forestry & Land Management

NOTE: This program is located at Hazen Union High School in Hardwick. Transportation will be arranged as necessary.

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Program Description

NOTE: This program is located at Hazen Union High School in Hardwick. Transportation will be arranged as necessary.

Forestry and Land Management Technology is an offering that will be conducted through the Center as a satellite program in Hardwick, located behind the  Hazen Union School campus. The program concentrates on forestry,  providing students with introductory and basic training in areas of forest products, natural resource management, wood production, value added wood products, and the technologies associated with these applications. Student field experiences will be conducted with forest land at Hazen, Lamoille Union, other forest areas, and at wood manufacturing facilities. Traditional sugaring operations will be conducted in Hardwick, with field experiences at advanced commercial operations.

A feature of this program will be the training experiences provided through the Yankee Safety Network, LEAP (Loggers Education to Advance Professionalism), Urban Forestry and the Vermont Forestry Foundation. Some of the topics included in the program are tree identification, forest ecology, forest pest and diseases, forest measurement, safe timber harvesting practices, and techniques of reforestation. Study trips, active demonstrations, career exploration experiences as well as participation in Vermont State Natural Resource events and competitions will occur throughout the school year.

Program Requirements

2 credits in language arts, 2 credits in science, 2 credits in mathematics (Algebra I is required), two credits in social studies, and two elective credits. A total of 10 credits are needed for admission.

Good attendance, good work attitude, team worker, interest in learning more after graduation, enjoy the outdoors

High School Credits Earned

1 Credit in Math or Science
5 Credits in Technical Education

College Agreements

Paul Smith College

University of New Hampshire

Professional Certifications

Loggers Education to Advance Professionalism (LEAP)
Game of Logging
Loggers First Aid and Rescue
Vermont Professional Loggers Program
Vermont Extension Service Program

Enrollment Options

Students may enter the program as a junior or senior.

With instructor permission,  students may have the opportunity for a second year customized program that includes attending college classes.

Career Outlook

Careers in Forestry (use Logging as the key word)

Current Careers in Forestry and Natural Resources are locally available in Woods Harvesting and Production, Christmas Tree Farming, Maple Syrup Management and Production, Urban Forestry, Power line Clearing, Landscaping and Woodlot Management Activities. The Green Agricultural trend is developing into a fast growing area that utilizes many of the skills acquired through the GMTCC Forestry and Land Management Program. Motivated GMTCC Forestry graduates are securing employment opportunities in all of these areas. Additional education is required for professional level jobs, including a Forester, Forest Technician, Forest Ranger, Land Surveyor, Soil Conservation, Natural Resource Scientist and Conservation Officer. Nationally, jobs directly related to the Forest Industry are holding steady with an increase predicted in the future for most areas

Curriculum Map