Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Program Description

This program is offered in 2 separate one year programs. One year is devoted to Heating systems and the next Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. They also share a common core of safety, hand and power tools, piping systems, electricity and work place skills. There is also some basic Plumbing included.

There are 2 industry credentials available for program completers. The National Oil heat Research Alliance’s “bronze oil heat technician’s certification” is offered in the heating year. During the cooling year,  the “EPA Act 608 safe refrigerant handling certification” is available. Both certifications require a course specific test that must be passed before it is awarded. These are certifications given to actual industry professionals as well.

The employment opportunities in these fields are boundless and many. Becoming a licensed trades person is often equivalent to or better than some college degrees. For the people who want to hit  the ground running, the GMTCC HVAC program is the place to do it.

Program Requirements

2 credits language arts, 2 credits science, 2 credits mathematics (Algebra I is required), 2 credits social studies, and 2 elective credits. Total of 10 credits are needed for admission. Students can earn credits in summer school.

In addition, students applying should have strong science and mathematical skills. They also should be willing to work in groups and understand the importance of teamwork. Tool knowledge and mechanical ability are a plus but not a requirement

High School Credits Earned

1 Science (Technical Physics) or 1 Math
5 credits in technical education

Advanced Training Options
  • National Oil Heat Research Alliance
  • New England Fuel Institute
  • University of Northwestern Ohio
  • Manchester Community College
Professional Certifications

Bronze Oil Heat Technician Certificate

EPA act 608 Safe Refrigerant Certificate

Enrollment Options

Students can take this program for one or two years.

Career Outlook

Careers in HVAC (use Heating as the key word)

Students completing the GMTCC HVAC program have a multitude of options. Some are hired by local VT companies and trained “in- house” while working in the industry, while others pursue further education in technical colleges. Scholarships are available and many schools send representatives to the classroom to show off their schools. The trades are consistently steady sources of employment and offer many choices for diversity and advancement.