Pre Tech

Program Description

This program is the only 10th grade program at GMTCC. This program is unique because students will have the opportunity to explore future career pathways, both on and off campus. Students will have the opportunity to visit several of our 11th/12th grade GMTCC programs, which are possibilities for following years. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in Career OutReach Exploratory (C.O.R.E.),  which will allow students to job shadow several local businesses. These experiences will assist students in completing a culminating project of a Career Development Portfolio.

In addition to the Career Development portion of Pre-Technology, students will also be required to complete the 10th grade Pre-Technology Academic Courses of: English, Social Studies, Math, Science, Technology Education, and Physical Education. The entire Pre-Technology Program carries 6 High School Credits. ONLY students who successfully complete academic requirements will be able to participate in the Career Development portion of Pre-Technology.

For more detailed information, please view our Syllabus.

Program Requirements
  •  Students should be on track for graduation as demonstrated by successful completion of at least 4 courses, two courses must be;
      • 9th grade English
      • Algebra 1 Course
    • Successful course completion is defined by a passing grade OR meeting proficiency in course indicators or learning targets as expected by their home school.
High School Proficiencies Earned

English – Reading, Writing and Speaking

Math – Functions, Algebra and Modeling

Science – Physical Science I, Physical Science II and Engineering and Technology

Global Studies – Inquiry, Civics and Geography

Physical Education  – Team Building and Collaboration


Allied Health

Automotive Technology

Business Administration

Computer Networking Technology

Construction Technology

Creative Media Art & Design

Culinary Arts

Electrical Technology

Forestry/Land Management

Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning

Power Sport Technology

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems