Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

Program Description


This offering is conducted through the Center as a satellite program in Jeffersonville, located just outside the village at the Robtoy Farm. Through a lease from the Vermont Land Trust, GMTCC operates a farm where students have hands-on experience as well as classroom theory. Opportunities for several college credits will be given to students.


Program Requirements
  • 2 credits in language arts, 2 credits in science, 2 credits in mathematics
    (Algebra I is required), two credits in social studies, and two elective credits. Total of 10 credits are needed for admission.

What also helps:

  • Good attendance, good work attitude, team worker, interest in learning more after graduation, enjoy the outdoors.
High School Credits Earned

,1 credit in science , 5 credits in technical education, 1 credit in English, 1 credit in Social Studies

College Credits Earned

Vermont Technical College:






Professional Certifications Earned
First Aid & CPR
Tractor Safety,
Servsafe/Food Safety
Enrollment Options
  • Students may enter the program as a junior or senior, however, they need to devote 6 weeks of their summer as the first half of the program.



Career Outlook

The program is designed to help students in the 11th and 12th grades obtain knowledge and skills in the diversified world of agriculture and food systems, including but not limited to: soil science, animal care, horticulture, organics, equine, dairy, land management, product making and marketing, ag. mechanics, entrepreneurship, building, HVAC, Farm Technology and alternative energies for agriculture.

Curriculum Map